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(Advertorial & Review) Looking your best with Perfect Fit 2-way foundation & Concealer!

Here's take a trip down memory lane..

Remember this ZA 2 way foundation??? This  foundation has oil control + sun protection function + provide natural finish was launched in 1998.

Yes i do! I remembered seeing it in Watson and this is ZA's first 2 way foundation.  This revolutionary foundation gained recognition by being the No 1 selling foundation in Watson and had won multiple awards (Watson H&B in 1999-2001 and Her World Reader's Choice award from 2000-2001).. 

(Photo credits to ZA's Facebook)

In 2003, ZA reformulated its award-winning foundation and changed the packaging to an iconic blue shade.. The improvised  version continued to clinch many other awards like Cleo Crush award in 2003 and Watsons Health and beauty awards from 2002-2009.

(Photo credits to ZA's Facebook)

In 2010, ZA-2 way foundation changed its iconic blue color and went pink... Beside this, there were changes in the name (known as Skin Beauty 2-way foundation) and formula.. The new formula includes ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid (Moisturizes), Poreless powder (Smooth finish) and luminous powder (for the extra glow)..

Skin Beauty 2-way foundation continued to be the top-selling foundation, clinching the Watsons Health, Wellness and Beauty Awards in 2010-2011. It also won other beauty award such as Cleo Beauty Hall of Fame 2010-2011 and SWW Best Beauty Buys 2011.

(Photo credits to ZA's Facebook)

In 2012, ZA further enhanced the quality and finish of Skin Beauty 2-way foundation.. Known as the Perfect Fit 2-way foundation, the new formula has high moisturizing skincare ingredient to care and cover up imperfections. This powdery foundation can be used both moist / dry for that bare skin look with natural glow. The quality of the sponge has also been improved so as to allow a more uniform and smooth-looking finish...

Thanks to Charmian, i had the opportunity to discover more about this new product range before it is launched in the local stores.. Besides the improved formula in the foundation, there are some changes in the concealer as well. The new concealer has pink packaging and it will covers pores / imperfections in more naturally.

Event is held in Relish @ MyVillage Serangoon Garden. This restaurant is under the Wild Rocket Group and the owner specializes in Asian-Western fusion cuisine. Relish has another outlet in Cluny Court and this restaurant is well-known for its unique and traditional burgers. 

The restaurant has a relaxing, chill and cozy ambiance ( I love the chic and clean black and white furnishings!!)

The operating hours are as per follows:

Weekdays: Monday to Friday
Lunch : 12 noon till 3pm (last order @ 2.30pm)
Dinner : 6.00pm till 10pm (last order @ 9.30pm)
Weekends: Saturday & Sunday
Whole Day Brunch : 11am – 9.30pm (last order @ 9.30pm)

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Combating Acne with Effective Skincare Routine

Alright! Here's the Part 2 entry on how i'm combating my acne after stopping medication..
Besides facial (once every 3 weeks), i also went on a new daily skincare routine to care for my skin...

Step One: Cleansing

This is the MOST important step of all and it is important to use effective products that will remove all dust, excessive sebum, impurities and make-up which contributes to skin problems (like acne and sensitivity).. In addition, you will need a perfectly cleanse skin in order to prep it for your other skincare products (So that whatever you applied on will be fully absorbed and penetrated by the skin).. So if you think that your serum, moisturizer or any expensive skincare products aren't working well, maybe you should take a step back and look at your basis cleansing routine.. If your pores are congested with impurities and residues, how can essence / nutrients be able to penetrate into the skin well?

For effective cleansing, i'm currently using Babor Bi-Phase cleansing set which consists of HY-Ol and Phytoactive... The Bi-Phase cleansing will allow you to enjoy clear skin by deep cleansing it so that valuable ingredients of your skincare products will absorbed and processed effectively. 

Phase One (HY-OL) - Suitable for all skin types and free of preservatives, this cleansing oil is derived exclusively by Babor thus making it unique in the cosmetics market.. This hydrophilic cleansing oil is combined with the natural cleansing powers of water and oil to bring about deep-action cleansing abilities.. It is based on pure natural oil and has to be used in conjunction with the Phytoactive (for specific skin type) to remove both oil and water soluble impurities gently yet thoroughly.

Phase Two (Phytoactive) - As i have combination and sensitive skin, i'm alternating between Phytoactive sensitive / Combination to treat different skin concerns.  When my skin shows signs of redness, i will use sensitive as it calm and relax the skin with herbal essences of lime blossom, hopes and balm mints. When i have some breakouts on my jawlines due to hormones, i will use combination to refine and balance the skin with herbal essences of sage, witch Hazel and Azulene.

Directions to use the Bi-phase cleansing set: I will use 1 pump of HY-OL on dry hands and massage it over my dry skin... Make sure that you 'dislodge' all impurities and make-up using circular motions (try to focus more on areas where you are prone to skin problems and for me it will be the jawline).. After which, use 1 pump of Phytoactive and smooth it over the skin... Next, massage in with moistened fingertips until milk emulsion is formed.. To make sure that my skin will be cleansed properly, i'll wet my fingertips a total of 3 times and repeat the massaging action 3 times... Once done, i will rinse my skin clean with plenty of lukewarm water..
Till date, my experience with the Babor Bi-Phase cleansing set is a good one and it has changed my perspective towards cleansing oil... This is the only cleansing oil which isn't too greasy and it is able to remove all grimes on my skin very well.. Do you know that when i massage it across my skin, i can feel oil-clogs coming out from my pores and after-which it will drop out onto the fingertips (really amazing!)... After washing off the emulsified Hy-OL and Phytoactive, my skin feels refreshed and no tightness / redness is experienced... In return, my skin feels cleans and soft to the touch... After using for sometime, my clogged pores reduces and my skin seems so much brighter... Guess i'll be sticking to this cleansing set for a long period of time :)

HY-OL retails at $69 (200ml) and Phytoactive retails at $50 (100ml) at My Cozy Room.

Step Two: Calming my skin with Cool Massage Roller

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(Advertorial & Review) Senka and Ma Cherie exclusive preview launch

Want sweet smelling, manageable hair and healthy skin with products from Japan?
No, they are not gonna burn a hole in your pockets..
If you are interested, just continue to read on...

(Picture from

One week ago, Charmian from Shiseido Singapore has invited me to the preview launch of her two new 'babies' - Senka and Ma Cherie. Although the preview launch fell on my anniversary day, she was kind enough to extend the invitation to me and present to me first before 'releasing' me for my anniversary dinner (So touched!! Thanks for being so sweet and understanding.. hehe)

Anyway back to the topic, event was held at OCTA HOTEL @ MILLENIA WALK.. Initially, i thought that it is a hotel but it is a restaurant in actual fact.. Hahahaha! Pardon my ignorance...

Did a quick check online before the event to understand more about the two new product lines.. Will first start on with Ma Cherie first.. :)

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(Sponsored Review) My Little Makeover Session with K-Palette.

Thanks to the collaboration between Sasa and K-Palette, i was given a chance to attend a makeover session with Japanese Makeup Artiste Miko Yatsu.. 

(Thank you Kiyora for the kind invitation)

Have mentioned about SASA many times in my past entries so i won't go through it again.. :)

As for K-Palette, it is a brand under Japalang Pte Ltd and it specializes in Eye-cosmetics... Ever since its launch in Singapore in 2007, it has won many prestigious awards every year without fail. 

FYI, Japalang specializes in providing beauty and personal care products in Singapore.. In addition, it is providing one-stop business solution for sales, marketing, brand development and distribution. Japalang is the distributor for many quality and popular brands available in the mass market like Cure Natural Aqua Gel, K-Palette, Steamcream and beautyblender. The company is also working with many established partners like Watsons, Sasa, Takashimaya and BHG to bring quality products to larger consumer groups.

Originated from Japan, K-Palette is highly raved for its eye-makeup products - esp the long-lasting and award-winning range of  'One Day Tattoo' eye cosmetics...  One star product under the 'One Day Tattoo' range will be 24 hours real lasting eyeliner as it is known for its patented micro fiber brush and waterproof polymer molecule which gives quick-dry + lasting eye makeup.

With its success over the years, K-Palette has maintained its market position and continues to wow audiences in the mass market with more product ranges to cater to more consumers.

The makeover will be conducted by Japanese Makeup Artiste Miko Yatsu.. 

'A good make up artist should be able to bring out the best and purest aspect of your skin. Good make up makes you look naturally beautiful and beautifully natural' ~ Miko Yatsu

From Japan, Miko Yatsu is a professional make-up artist and trainer with more than 20 years experience in the beauty industry.
Since young, Miko-san shows great passion in Beauty and this made her pursued her dream in New York. Training under legendary fasion and make-up artist Linda Mason, Miko-san developed excellent make-up skills set. Currently, Miko-san focuses on training and imparting her make up skills to Cuore's corporate staff as well as those in beauty salons.  From time to time, she can be seen doing makeup for models for women's magazines as well as runaway fashion show.

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(Review) Combating Acne with Facial @ My Cozy Room

After enjoying 8 months of clear skin with the aid of Accutane, acne / pimples have decided to attack with a vengance again!!
Due to the nature of my problematic skin, i knew that this was coming but i can't help but feel depressed...
Before i started the first course of Accutance, Dr Chua told me that results will vary from individual and on average people will stay acne-free for at least a year.. I'm one of the unlucky ones who suffers from a releaspe so soon.. Sigh!

Because of the horrible side effects, i have decided not to turn to medication to improve my skin condition.. Because of the medication, my skin also became very sensitive with red patches on many parts of my face.. Not only that, acne and bumps kept emerging on my skin and i tried to salvage it by switching to acne prevention skincare products but to no avail.... 

As you can see from the pictures below, i'm Ms 'Dotty' with an 'abundance of pimples and acne' on my face...

Because of the persistent breakouts, i have stopped using most of my base make-up (Except concealer) as my pores tend to clog very easily...  Although i knew that concealer will clog my pores, i needed something to cover up my imperfections in order to face the world... My skin condition took a turn for the worse after i came back from my vacation in Krabi and my friends have suggested facial to clear those imperfections... 

After gathering some recommendation from fellow beauty bloggers (Vivian, Valerie and Melissa), i have decided to give to My Cozy Room a try.. My Cozy Room Boutique Spa is located at 56A Cairnhill Road (Behind Mount Elizabeth Hospital)..

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(Sponsored Review) V-facts about Lactacyd White Intimate and Revitalize

**Sponsored post

Are you a fan of tight clothing? 

Tight Shorts!

Tight mini-dress (Often with G-string as you don't want any VPL)

I'm someone who cannot live without my short shorts and mini dresses but wearing them over pro-longed period has resulted in my bikini area to darken.. Darkened bikini area occurs when you perspire and there's excessive friction from tight clothing. To prevent it, you have either ditched your tight clothes or try not to perspire (Which is impossible in Singapore)..

But hey, good news for us! Do you know that there's a new product which will aids with lightening of dark bikini area?

Lactacyd has introduced the first ever lightening intimate wash in Singapore which is proven to show results in just four weeks..
Besides cleansing your sensitive V-zone, the intimate wash also contains skin lightening benefits with its natural ingredients.. The whitening effect has been tested and proven during the product test as 90% of the Asian ladies have experienced visible lightening after 3 weeks and 67% in just four weeks..

Lactacyd has sent me their new products for review and now i can have a fair and flawless V-zone! Thank you! :)

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Staycation @ Mövenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa

Hello everyone!! How's your week?

Mine was quite a crazy one due to work and other errands..
When it's time to rest on weekends, i fell sick.. -__-
Therefore while nursing my sorethroat and runny nose, time can be put to better use by indulging in my favorite past-time (which is blogging)..

Last month, i celebrated Derrick's Birthday over at Sentosa.. As mentioned, i have chosen Mövenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa for our staycation.. Since he has never been to USS since its opening, i have decided on the USS package which consists of the following:

Universal Studios Singapore Package
Deluxe room accommodation (king or twin) for 2 people
Buffet breakfast for 2 people
2 one-day passes for Universal Studios Singapore which can be used on weekdays as well as weekends
2 one-day passes for the Maritime Experiential Museum™ (including admission to the Typhoon Theatre)
Complimentary Monorail Sentosa Island Pass for two for the duration of your stay
20% discount on food and beverages during your stay, inclusive of in-room dining

Pricing details are:

Daily rate @ SGD 388.00
Taxes @ SGD 68.68
Total price incl. taxes @ SGD 456.68  

(Picture credit of Sentosa's website)
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ZA and Les Affaires's Kissy Kissy Kiss! Blogger Event!

Last week, i attended ZA's Kissy Kissy Kiss! Blogger Event.. 

Charmian has mentioned about this new product launch during the ZA total Hydration BB Cream's event and i'm really looking forward to it.. Thank you Charmain for the kind invitation once again!


Event is held at Les Affaires (Wisma Atria) which is the flagship boutique in Singapore..

In case you have not heard of Les Affaires, its product line includes comfy, fashionable and versatile Sleepwear / Loungewear..  

Over at Les Affaires, they strongly believes that everyone deserves a good night's rest which will leave us truly revitalised.. After a long and tiring day at work, bedtime should be the time to indulge in tranquillity and rejuvenation.. This is why Les Affaires focuses on French-inspired sleepwear which oozes European exuberance and love for life. 

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Masks Customised to Better Fit Your Face’s Contours- Garnier's Second Skin Masks

**Sponsored Review

Hello Everyone!!  It's the first day of the long weekend...
What are your plans? :)

For me, i'll be spending the 3 days to catch up on my blog entries, going to church and spending time with my loved ones..
Of course, i will also allocate more time to catch up on my sleep (Recently, i have been having insomnia!)
Because of this, the condition of my skin has gone downhill and it has become so dull, sensitive and lifeless.  

Went for Facial yesterday and i'm so glad that my skin looks so much brighter..
Right now, i will need to make sure that i do my mask regularly (Which i have not been doing) in order to keep skin in tip top condition... 

Few weeks ago, Garnier has sent me its latest mask for review - Second Skin Mask.. 

There are two kinds of mask under this latest range and they are the Light and Aqua Defense (for whitening and hydrating skin respectively). The Second Skin Mask is produced using  an innovative technology that allows the mask to fit and stay on all curves of the face perfectly, so no adjustments of the mask will be needed after application...


Why is it known as the Second Skin Mask? 

Simply because the mask will adhere to facial contour perfectly as it uses innovative quality fitting tissue which is designed specially to fit Asian. This allows the mask to stay on all curves of the face perfectly and there's no need to repeatedly adjust the mask while masking. The second skin mask will be suitable for all skin types as only natural ingredients that are gentle yet potent on the skin are used. These micro nutrients soaked in the mask will penetrate into the all parts of the skin giving the user a flawless, illuminated complexion in just 10 minutes. 


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