March 20th, 2012

(Sponsored Review) Style Aromatherapy ~ Nature Embraces Science!

Few weeks back, Henry from Style Aromatherapy sent me for hair care products for review...
I have to admit that i have never heard of this brand before..
Went ahead to do my mini research and here's my findings!

In the nutshell, Style Aromatherapy deals exclusively in skin, hair and scalp products formulated with essential oils with natural anti-aging properties. Its innovative products are created as an dynamic and quality presence in the high potential world of natural cosmetics. All product lines are the results of intensive R&D, marketing studies and substantial investments. As its products are rich in professional and functional benefits, Style is becoming one of the fastest growing categories in the Personal Care Sector.

As mentioned earlier, this professional product line contains nourishing and protecting natural essential oils that pampers the hair and scalp. With carefully-chosen ingredients with high efficacy, different product ranges will help different individuals answer specific needs of five separate hair types.

Style understands that scalp condition and the flexibility, strength, texture and appearance of our hair, tend to deteriorate and become unsatisfactory as we age. Hence to address our concerns, Style Aromatherapy's products delivers professional results while maintaining gentleness. Not only it contain the latest aesthetic technology, effective ingredients / mineral and delightful aromatherapy effects, it also has patented anti-aging benefits

This one of a kind anti-aging formulations for all its Aromatherapy Hair Products to effective answer both scalp’s specific needs, as well as providing solutions for every type of hair problem. The proprietary Natural Anti-Aging technology "NAA" is fortified with Borage Seed Oil. The Borage plant’s essential oils prevent the accumulation of free radicals and thus slow down the aging process of the scalp.

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