March 29th, 2012

(Sponsored Review) Tsubaki Head Spa for Healthy Scalp and Beautiful Tresses!

On the way back one night, my bf said to me:

'Ehhhh, i saw some dandruff, did you wash your hair properly?' 

(Photo credits to 9Gag)

Oh great!!!! Not only i have problems with my complexion, my scalp has to join in the fun as well....

The next morning, i was invited to Tsubaki's head spa event. Talking about JIT (just-in-time) again! 
However, due to last min work commitments, i cannot make it but Charmain was kind enough to pass me the products for review.. Thank you babe! :) 

Shiseido's Tsubaki has made its first appearance in March 2006 with its value added hair care which promises beautiful shiny hair. The two existing products in its hair care ranges are the Shining Range (in red) and damage control Range (in White).  The secrets which contributes to woman's desire for beautiful hair lies in the ingredients such as finely selected camellia oil, 'high Purity Tsubaki Oil EX' and the 'Shine Sensor Mechanism' which makes hair glossy and shiny to the roots. 

Recently, there's an increase in desire to achieve 'Beautiful hair from the roots' as more people are heading to 'Head Spas' in hair salons with an emphasis for scalp care. Hence to keep up with this trend, Shiseido has released the new Head Spa Line (GOLD) that keeps hair beautiful and shiny from scalp through the combination of natural essential oils and scalp care needs. This experience will give users a relaxing experience close to what you'll get in a spa salon.

This new range will be an additional one to the existing shining and Damage Care Range to cater to different hair concerns.

The head Spa Line has 4 products that contains natural essential oils that are nourishing which helps with activating of healthy scalp and hair. 

Product List:

Tsubaki Head Spa Extra Cleasing (Shampoo, 280ml) 
**Once a week care to remove accumulated sebum, dead skin cell and products residue

Tsubaki Head Spa Shampoo (Shampoo, 550ml) 
Tsubaki Head Spa Conditioner (Conditioner, 550ml) 
** Daily care to improve scalp condition and generate beautiful hair through daily care

Tsubaki Head Spa Mask (Hair treatment, 180g)
*Relax care to energize scalp and facilitate the flow of blood by hot-cold effect and pampering dried scalp.

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