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April 23rd, 2012

Week 17's Highlight: Not so nice experience at Alli Oli...

I don't know about you but what irks me the most will be poor customer service..

Having said, i was from customer service line previously and i know how some unreasonable customers can be a pain in the ass.. But nevertheless, they are still customers so they must be treated with due respect...

Recently, i visited a cafe and was so pissed off by the 'services' render till i have to rant.. Come! Let me tell you more...

(Photo from Google's image)

Name of the cafe / deli is Alli Oli located at Marina Bay Link Mall (8A Marina Boulevard, #B2-45) and it specialize in Spanish-style deli food items. My bf bought this Groupon deal online as they serve all day breakfast and i've always love hearty breakfast...

The deli is located beside a super market and the whole place looks very crampy. There are very little tables and chairs which are positioned really close to each other... But that's not the whole point, my happy mood as dampened by the poor attitude of the service staff... Upon stepping in, we were 'greeted' by a waiter who was not exactly friendly and appeared rather impatient.

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