May 5th, 2012

(Advertorial) Have a Blooming Beautiful Day with ZA total Hydration BB Cream UV.

All of us have our lazy moments but do you know you can still look good without putting in much effort?

Yes! I'm talking about having radiant looking skin without applying a lot of products. Here's how you can do so..

ZA has launched a 12 in 1 BB cream which will give you a healthy glowing look.. Yes! All in just a bottle!!! 

Retailing at only $15.90, this affordable 12-in-1 BB cream will comes in handy whenever you are feeling lazy or rushing for time..

It promises to:

(1) Conceals Dullness (2) Conceals Pores (3) Creates Healthy Skin Tone (4) Evens Skin Tones (5) Brightens Skin (6) UVA

(7) Moisturizes Skin (8) Makes Skin Smooth and Translucent (9) Non-Sticky Formula

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