June 11th, 2012

My Journey to obtaining Double Eye Lids (Surgery procedures & post surgery experiences)

Hello everyone!!! Finally i'm able to find time to blog about my double eyelid procedures.. It has been about 6 months post surgery and i'm really happy with the results.. People have been telling me that it looks really natural... About the scarring, all i can say is that unless you stand really close and stare hard at my eyelids, then you can see the small scar.. :)

Took this picture about one week ago while i was in Krabi.. Even with Zero Make-up, my eyes look so much awake and bigger..

So now, i'll touch on the surgery procedures... I'll try my best to recall and pen down each and small details.. I'll suggest that you read the first post before reading this and here's Part One in case you have missed it.. As i was't allow to take pictures in the clinic, the following will be full of words so please bear with me..

1) As mentioned, i went to the clinic for consultation and it lasted for about 45 mins... I chose to do the surgery right after consultation as i would not be spending many days in Taiwan.. The nurse got me to fill up some consent forms and after which, i made the full payment of NT25000 (which includes the consultation charges, surgery fee, medicine and aftercare).. In case you are wondering, i paid for everything in full and this is not sponsored!

2) After more briefing of the procedures by the nurse, they led me into a room to change.. They handled me a warm and fluffy pyjamas and i was told to remove all jewellery (so as not to interfere with the medical equipment in the room).. I also spent some time trying to pin up my hair... When i was done, I was brought to see Dr Chen he explained the entire surgical process to me. Next, he confirmed the height of the crease that i wanted and made a making on both lids.. To make sure that the creases are even, he told me to open and close my eyes a few times to double confirm.

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