June 23rd, 2012

(Sponsored Review) Introducing the Midnight Recovery Dream Duo By Kiehl's..

Insomnia - Often experienced by many and it is classified as having problems falling asleep or staying asleep throughout the night...

Reasons leading to Insomnia includes:

- Jet lag
- Going to bed at different timing each night
- Sleeping too much during the day
- Poor Sleeping Environment (Noisy / too much lights)
- Uncomfortable room temperature
- Facing stressful situations in life
- Insufficient exercise
- Too much caffeine
- Reliance on Sleeping aids

Etc Etc Etc

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Despite having insufficient sleep, we still want to look our best the next day....

Puffy eyes, dark eyes circles and dull complexion are our main concerns if we have insufficient sleep so here's my advise on how to minimize it!

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I'm also someone who faces Insomnia problem due to high level of stress at work which results in my mind being too active during the night... Sometimes i'll use sleeping aids when i have to really tryhard to sleep but cannot (WHICH IS NOT RECOMMENDED).. Sometimes, i will just do some reading in order to make myself very sleepy.... Sometimes, i will just lie on my bed till i fall asleep....

As i'm a really vain person by nature and i want to wake up looking good, i'll make sure that i apply eye-cream and my skincare essentials before i head to bed... Therefore, even with insufficient sleep, i won't want to look so haggard the following morning..

Recently, Syek Yi From Kiehl's has sent me 2 products from their midnight recovery range which will help with skin restoration overnight!! After experiencing with the 2 products, they are really my life-savior when it comes to looking my best with little sleep...

Introducing Midnight Recovery Eye and Midnight Recovery Concentrate

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