September 9th, 2012

(Sponsored Review) V-facts about Lactacyd White Intimate and Revitalize

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Are you a fan of tight clothing? 

Tight Shorts!

Tight mini-dress (Often with G-string as you don't want any VPL)

I'm someone who cannot live without my short shorts and mini dresses but wearing them over pro-longed period has resulted in my bikini area to darken.. Darkened bikini area occurs when you perspire and there's excessive friction from tight clothing. To prevent it, you have either ditched your tight clothes or try not to perspire (Which is impossible in Singapore)..

But hey, good news for us! Do you know that there's a new product which will aids with lightening of dark bikini area?

Lactacyd has introduced the first ever lightening intimate wash in Singapore which is proven to show results in just four weeks..
Besides cleansing your sensitive V-zone, the intimate wash also contains skin lightening benefits with its natural ingredients.. The whitening effect has been tested and proven during the product test as 90% of the Asian ladies have experienced visible lightening after 3 weeks and 67% in just four weeks..

Lactacyd has sent me their new products for review and now i can have a fair and flawless V-zone! Thank you! :)

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