September 27th, 2012

(Advertorial & Review) Senka and Ma Cherie exclusive preview launch

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If you are interested, just continue to read on...

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One week ago, Charmian from Shiseido Singapore has invited me to the preview launch of her two new 'babies' - Senka and Ma Cherie. Although the preview launch fell on my anniversary day, she was kind enough to extend the invitation to me and present to me first before 'releasing' me for my anniversary dinner (So touched!! Thanks for being so sweet and understanding.. hehe)

Anyway back to the topic, event was held at OCTA HOTEL @ MILLENIA WALK.. Initially, i thought that it is a hotel but it is a restaurant in actual fact.. Hahahaha! Pardon my ignorance...

Did a quick check online before the event to understand more about the two new product lines.. Will first start on with Ma Cherie first.. :)

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