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(Advertorial) Spot 'Anne' and win some prizes for yourself!!!

Hey my readers, how are you? :)

I'm in the midst of writing up a review for an awesome product - The all new Garnier 2-In-1 Tinted Pimple Roll-On..

Before my review, you can have this opportunity to play a game and win some prizes for yourself..

All you have to do is to spot 'Anne!! 

(Actual game video goes live on 4th May (Friday), but you can have an exclusive preview starting from today!!

Garnier will be selecting three winners from the public and rewarding them with prize hampers during this two day exclusive preview. But make sure that to quote my blog (Jermaineee) in order to win a glorious gift hamper of your own! This exclusive preview is only available for two days so be quick!

How to play?

1. Watch to spot her

2. Click to catch her, Just locate Annie and Click in order to 'capture' her! Its that simple!!

3. Get rewarded for finding her.

QR Code that will direct you straight to the video...

I hope that you will enjoy the game preview as much as i do. The full game launches on 04 May and please help to spread the word.. Full game contest will ends on 30 June and details are available on the video's site and Garnier's FB page

Good Luck and God Bless!

Tags: advertorial, garnier
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