Jermaineee (jermaineee) wrote,

(Sponsored Review) The All New Mentholatum Lip Gel Series!

One item which will always be in my make up pouch will be my lip-balm... Ever since the consumption of medication for acne, dry and chapped lips became my biggest woe!! It has been 9 months since i stopped the medication but my lips are still on the dry side.. My favorite lip-care brand has to be Mentholatum as their products are affordable and effective!!

Mentholatum Lipcare offers a wide range of lip care products under its Lipice and Mentholatum lipcare series! You can choose from a range of flavorful fruity lip balms to dazzling glosses or soft and natural color lip balm to pamper your lips.. 

(Photo from Mentholatum's website) 
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Tags: lip balm, lip ice, review
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