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Quick Sales: Kose and 2B Alternatives Products

Selling some skincare products!!
**These products are not sponsored and i paid for it! 

photo (7)

All 3 items are brand new and unopened... I had a change in my whole set of skincare products to battle my sensitive skin so i have no choice but to sell it off..

Kose Mask White: Expiry Jan 2017, Selling at $20
Kose Perfect Cleansing oil: Expiry Dec 2016, Selling at $20
2B Alternatives: Expiry April 2013, Selling at $40 (Bought it in HK so there's slight differences in the packaging)

I can do meet up (In the East or Punggol) or you can opt for postage..
Please email me at if you are interested in buying any of the products.

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