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My Journey to obtaining Double Eye Lids (8 months post surgery)

Hello everyone!! I have many readers who want to know how the scar from the incision looks like..

Tried my best to capture it closed up and you can see that the scar is really tiny.. It is not visible unless you stand really close to me... 


Dr Chen gave me a scar removal cream to use 2 weeks after the surgery but i only applied it for one week (lazy me! haha)..
Even without applying the scar removal cream religiously, the wound still heals really nicely and doesn't leave behind much scarring.. 

That's all about my double eye lids surgery and experiences.. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave me a comment or email me.. 

*Disclaimer: Results might varies among individuals and please do not take my outcome and experiences as a form of benchmark..  

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Double eyelid surgery!

Hi Jermaine,

Nice to see that u are happy w/ the results! I did mine last June using the DST method for parallel eyelids & is pretty satisfied and happy w/ the results as I think I look better. However, both of my crease height are a bit different as I was told that I hv slight ptosis on my left eye, hence the stitch was made higher and I thinking of another surgery. Given my situation, do you recommend that I try Regent clinic in tw? And how much did I have to set aside for the accomodation & meals in tw? Thank you!!! :)

Re: Double eyelid surgery!


I am not sure if Dr Chen does revision for double eyelid surgery..Maybe you wish to give the clinic a call? I'm sure they are in the better position to assist you..

I spent about 3k (for air tickets, hotels stay, surgery, meals, transport and spending in Taiwan)...

Hotel per night range from 70 plus onwards..
Meals will be slightly cheaper as compared to Sg.

Hope it helps! :)

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