Jermaineee (jermaineee) wrote,

Another Year Older, Another Year Wiser..

Happy Birthday to my Love!

Another Year Older, Another Year wiser!
May the Lord bless you abundantly in all areas of your life :)  

It's the 2nd Birthday that i have spent with him, more to come i know.. But decided to make his day really special so i was squeezing my brain juice trying to make the day memorable..

Decided to rope in his friends as part of the celebration and so we kick-start his birthday celebration one day earlier.. Originally, we were supposed to meet his friends (monthly gathering) but i decided to spring a little surprise.. Told Xiao Yun and Gang that he was craving for the food in Putien so 'hush hush' arrangement was made.. His friend treated as if they had forgotten about his Birthday and we were so glad that he did not sense anything amiss...

Yours truly arranged for a cake to be served after dinner and he was caught by surprise.. We were caught by surprise too due to the 'cheesy' birthday song that Putien played while the staff brought the cake to our table.. hahahaha!

photo (10)

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