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Masks Customised to Better Fit Your Face’s Contours- Garnier's Second Skin Masks

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Hello Everyone!!  It's the first day of the long weekend...
What are your plans? :)

For me, i'll be spending the 3 days to catch up on my blog entries, going to church and spending time with my loved ones..
Of course, i will also allocate more time to catch up on my sleep (Recently, i have been having insomnia!)
Because of this, the condition of my skin has gone downhill and it has become so dull, sensitive and lifeless.  

Went for Facial yesterday and i'm so glad that my skin looks so much brighter..
Right now, i will need to make sure that i do my mask regularly (Which i have not been doing) in order to keep skin in tip top condition... 

Few weeks ago, Garnier has sent me its latest mask for review - Second Skin Mask.. 

There are two kinds of mask under this latest range and they are the Light and Aqua Defense (for whitening and hydrating skin respectively). The Second Skin Mask is produced using  an innovative technology that allows the mask to fit and stay on all curves of the face perfectly, so no adjustments of the mask will be needed after application...


Why is it known as the Second Skin Mask? 

Simply because the mask will adhere to facial contour perfectly as it uses innovative quality fitting tissue which is designed specially to fit Asian. This allows the mask to stay on all curves of the face perfectly and there's no need to repeatedly adjust the mask while masking. The second skin mask will be suitable for all skin types as only natural ingredients that are gentle yet potent on the skin are used. These micro nutrients soaked in the mask will penetrate into the all parts of the skin giving the user a flawless, illuminated complexion in just 10 minutes. 


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