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Aug. 17th, 2012

Food Review @ Award Winning Tonny Restaurant

Groupon has to be my fiance's favourite online site for good food / shopping deals..
Few months back, he paid for a deal which includes 5 Course Abalone Set Meal for Two at Award Winning Tonny Restaurant.. 

Value of this set meal costs $43 per pax but he only paid $21.50 for One Groupon deal (So it's $43 for 2).. Before getting the deal, he went to Hungrygowhere to check out reviews and it seems not bad.. In addition, he found out that Tonny Restaurant is awarded as being the Top 100 Gourmet Restaurants in Singapore and it is opened by Chef Tonny Chan  (from Hong Kong)..  For every dish, it is made only with fresh ingredients by Chef Tonny himself.. Impressive!

Photo from: https://www.facebook.com/tonnychanrestaurant/info


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Aug. 8th, 2012

Another Year Older, Another Year Wiser..

Happy Birthday to my Love!

Another Year Older, Another Year wiser!
May the Lord bless you abundantly in all areas of your life :)  

It's the 2nd Birthday that i have spent with him, more to come i know.. But decided to make his day really special so i was squeezing my brain juice trying to make the day memorable..

Decided to rope in his friends as part of the celebration and so we kick-start his birthday celebration one day earlier.. Originally, we were supposed to meet his friends (monthly gathering) but i decided to spring a little surprise.. Told Xiao Yun and Gang that he was craving for the food in Putien so 'hush hush' arrangement was made.. His friend treated as if they had forgotten about his Birthday and we were so glad that he did not sense anything amiss...

Yours truly arranged for a cake to be served after dinner and he was caught by surprise.. We were caught by surprise too due to the 'cheesy' birthday song that Putien played while the staff brought the cake to our table.. hahahaha!

photo (10)

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Aug. 5th, 2012

Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Moisturizing Eye Cream & SHA Hydrating Lotion with new Nano Formula


Hello everyone! Been really busy nowadays with work (as it is Quarter end), wedding preparations (venue sourcing, site visits etc) and Misc matters (Church, gathering etc) that i cannot find a proper time to sit down and blog.. 24 hours is never enough to strike a 'work, life and blog' balance but i'll try my best.. :(

Alright! Back to the objective of this post, i will like to share two new products with you!

Hada Labo has recently launched two new products - the Hada Labo SHA Moisturizing Eye Cream and the reformulated Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Lotion with new Nano Formula. 

Hada Labo has to be my favorite drugstore brand as many of their products are effective and pocket friendly... In case you are not familiar with this brand, Hada Labo products produced by Rohto Pharmaceuticals in a pharmaceutical manufacturing environment, under strict Goods Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Therefore, superior product quality, reliability and effectiveness are guaranteed. 

Hada Labo skincare philosophy is “PERFECT X SIMPLE” as inspired by traditional Japanese beauty wisdom.. During the formulation of the products, a “No More No Less” philosophy is adopted...  This means that unnecessary additives such as colorant, fragrance and mineral oil that will burden the skin are omitted. Only the best, beneficial and essential ingredients are added to ensure maximum effectiveness that's best for the skin.
(Photo from Hada Labo's FB page)

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Jul. 29th, 2012

My Journey to obtaining Double Eye Lids (8 months post surgery)

Hello everyone!! I have many readers who want to know how the scar from the incision looks like..

Tried my best to capture it closed up and you can see that the scar is really tiny.. It is not visible unless you stand really close to me... 


Dr Chen gave me a scar removal cream to use 2 weeks after the surgery but i only applied it for one week (lazy me! haha)..
Even without applying the scar removal cream religiously, the wound still heals really nicely and doesn't leave behind much scarring.. 

That's all about my double eye lids surgery and experiences.. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave me a comment or email me.. 

*Disclaimer: Results might varies among individuals and please do not take my outcome and experiences as a form of benchmark..  

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Jul. 24th, 2012

(Sponsored Review & Giveaway) Goodbye to Bad Intestinal Health with CHŌ BEAUTY Inner Cleanse System.

During cell, Marilyn (one of my cell mate) suddenly tugged at my dress and exclaimed:

'OMG Jermaine, why is your tummy so flat???' 

**In my mind i was thinking: hehe! All thanks to CHO Beauty!! :) 

Thank you Lifestream / AFC for sending me another great product - CHŌ BEAUTY Inner Cleanse System

Product summary as per follows:

1) Aids with inner cleansing

2) Powerful formula as it contains heat-resistant 101 billion friendly bacteria which is clinically proven to eliminate accumulated wastes and toxins.

3) It also helps to accelerate the slimming process if you are on diet.. Overtime, you will have flatter tummy, brighter skin and stronger immunity..

But of course, you are what you eat so you have to complement CHO Beauty with a healthy diet.. While on detoxification using CHO Beauty, i also watched my food intake and tried to stay away from oily / sinful food...

Dr Yang (Medical Doctor and Scientist at Nihon Preventive Medical Laboratory and AFC Japan) said that many healthy, weight and skin problems are due to poor digestive system and intestinal regulation... Overtime, if your internal body isn't clean due to the waste buildup in intestines and along your intestinal walls; it will lead to an increase in bad bacteria, parasites which affects the body's ability to absorb nutrients..

So how do you know if your body is clean and intestine are working fine? Simple! Just observe the state of your 'output'.. hahaha!

Sad to say, i belongs in the bad intestinal health category..


Beside this, if you are experiencing any of the 3 symptions below, your intestines are not in the good state of health..

◦Acne, dull or sallow complexion

◦Constipation or diarrhea

◦Bad breath

◦Poor immunity

◦Sluggishness and lethargy

◦Bloated discomfort


◦Thinning hair

◦Yeast infection

◦Inability to absorb nutrients

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Jul. 22nd, 2012

Quick Sales: Kose and 2B Alternatives Products

Selling some skincare products!!
**These products are not sponsored and i paid for it! 

photo (7)

All 3 items are brand new and unopened... I had a change in my whole set of skincare products to battle my sensitive skin so i have no choice but to sell it off..

Kose Mask White: Expiry Jan 2017, Selling at $20
Kose Perfect Cleansing oil: Expiry Dec 2016, Selling at $20
2B Alternatives: Expiry April 2013, Selling at $40 (Bought it in HK so there's slight differences in the packaging)

I can do meet up (In the East or Punggol) or you can opt for postage..
Please email me at Jermaineee@hotmail.sg if you are interested in buying any of the products.

Jul. 18th, 2012

MYOH! Post event updates! :)

Remember my post about MYOH?? I have attended the event last friday and now it's time for me to share some 'behind the scene' updates!

Million thanks to Vibes Communication for giving me two exclusive closed-door VIP invites on 13 July whereby over 100 trade partners, media and bloggers get to have first-hand experience. No prizes for guessing who did i bring for this event.. 

So straight after work, Derrick and myself visited the h store at Takashimaya Shopping Centre to customise our own pair of Havaianas slippers...

A quick summary on MYOH -

In commemoration of its 50th Anniversary milestone, iconic fashion flip-flop brand Havaianas stepped up its celebratory beat with a unique birthday bash know as ‘Make Your Own Havaianas’ (MYOH) event in Singapore. This first ever MYOH in Singapore was held from 13 – 15 July 2012. During this special event, you can get to customise a pair of Havaianas flip-flops by mixing and matching from a colourful galore of straps, soles and pin embellishments.

Upon arrival, we were warmly greeted by the Havaianas Team and they directed us to a 'wish-board' decked in colourful Brazilian-inspired Bonfim wish ribbons and Birthday Wishes... We wrote down our Birthday wishes for Havaianas and we were given this specially customized ribbons so that we could make our wishes as well.

(Photo from Havaianas's FB)

Before we start the selection, we were ushered to the refreshment area whereby cute cupcakes and drinks were served...

After filling our stomach, we proceeded to 'Counter One' to choose the materials..

We have to decide which style of sole, color of sole, strap and lastly the pins...

As you know, Havaianas carries flip flops that has 2 styles of the soles - slim style and top style..

Basically, slim style will look more feminine on ladies whereas the top style will suits male better.. Initially, Derrick wanted the slim style but he has flat feet so he had to choose the top style for a better fit... I went for the slim style as it looks better on me..

Choosing the color of the sole was the hardest part.. We wanted to make couple slippers so we have to decide on a common color.. Wanted the light green sole but Derrick said that it is too lady-like for him.. So ended up we chose black as you can never go wrong with black...

After much debating on the sole, we decided that we will choose a different color for the strap and pins.. I chose silver for the strap and star + ribbon pins on while he chose orange strap and skull + limited pins... 

After we were done, we recorded down our particulars and the details of the materials needed to make our slippers...

Deep in concentration.. I was trying to figure my size while he went snapping away.. haha.

After getting captivated by selection process, we proceeded to the Assembly area to get our flip-flops assembled and delivered before our eyes.

There was a short queue and while waiting for our turn, i went snapping away.. 

The massive ball of slippers hanging from the ceiling...

Look at the amount of soles and straps catered for MYOH! Despite the large amount in raw materials, i heard that many colors of sole and strap ran out during the public launch... The event is really a huge success.. :)

When it was our turn, the meticulous staff made sure that the sizes and the materials were selected correctly..

The pins were secured on the strap first then followed by the strap onto the sole..

Before securing the pins, the staff will ask you on the position to place the pins.. I chose to positon on the upper portion of the strap.

Without much delay, my customized pair of Havaianas 'came to life'...
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Jul. 10th, 2012

(Sponsored Review) Skin79 O2 BB Cleanser

SKIN79 - Sounds familiar?

Whenever i think about SKIN79, BB cream will be the first thing that will appear in my mind.... I'm sure you can see their comprehensive of BB cream ranges in Watsons that caters to different needs.. In Korea, Skin79 is the very first skincare brand to introduce BB creams into the skincare category.. Ever since the launch, Skin79 incited a worldwide BB cream craze and also constantly staying at the top of the skincare charts in Asia (Like Korea, Japan and Taiwan)

Beside its extensive range of BB creams, BB packs and BB concealers, Skin79 also carries a full range of  whitening, acne-care, men's solution skin care products.. 

(Photo credits of Skin79 Singapore's FB page)

Recently, Skin79 also has a change in their ambassador (Previously was Jolin Tsai from Taiwan).. Now Brown Eyed Girls, the Award winning Korean girl group will be their new brand ambassadors. The Brown Eyed Girls consists of four members - Jea, Miryo, Narsha, and Gain. They are debuted as an R&B/ballad vocal group in 2006 who challenged themselves with different music genres. The group rose to popularity in 2008 with with ‘L.O.V.E.’ and retro dance music ballad ‘How Come’. 

As a form of commencements and to welcome the new ambassadors into the Skin79's family, they have developed a new product which many are anticipating.. Introducing the long awaited O2 BB Cleanser with its various yet effective qualities.
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Jul. 8th, 2012

Quick MYOH Shout Out! The importance of a good pair of flip-flops

Before i share my proposal story, let me share something really embarrassing... During the Krabi trip, i wore a pair of new slippers (No brand cheap slippers) which i assumed that it won't give up on me..

But sad to say i was wrong!!! After subjecting the slippers to too much 'elements' during island hopping, it started to disintegrate.. The strap decided to snap apart during a very very wrong timing!!! It happened after the beach side dinner which was part of the proposal plan (The dinner was a smokescreen so as to give the staff enough time to decorate the room)


Therefore, i was sulking all the way back (what a mood-damper right??)

(Photo credits to Google image)

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Jul. 5th, 2012

(Sponsored Review) The All New Mentholatum Lip Gel Series!

One item which will always be in my make up pouch will be my lip-balm... Ever since the consumption of medication for acne, dry and chapped lips became my biggest woe!! It has been 9 months since i stopped the medication but my lips are still on the dry side.. My favorite lip-care brand has to be Mentholatum as their products are affordable and effective!!

Mentholatum Lipcare offers a wide range of lip care products under its Lipice and Mentholatum lipcare series! You can choose from a range of flavorful fruity lip balms to dazzling glosses or soft and natural color lip balm to pamper your lips.. 

(Photo from Mentholatum's website) 
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